Nordic Simplicity Folding Bed Sofa

$159.00 $219.00

 Name Nordic Simplicity Folding Bed Sofa
 Style nordic,simple ,classic
Color blue,grey,khaki
Modes single,double

single:as sofa:800*600*800; as bed:1900*800

double:as sofa:1200*600*800;as bed:1900*1200


Applicable place:
Hotel / Office / Residence /Living Room Sofa
1. Full backrest 5 gear adjustment, soft and comfortable,perfect for you to relax,change at will.
2. Detachable and washable design, convenient for daily life.
3. Built in high-density sponge, filled with high-quality rebound sponge, perfectly fit the hip and lumbar curve.Breathable fabric, sit for a long time will not feel uncomfortable .




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