Intelligent Epidemic Prevention Package

$199.00 $249.90
This package contains four products(Soap Dispenser,Air Purifier,Sterilize Sprayer and Sterilization Lamp). The following are their parameter information.


Name Auto Induction Soap Dispenser (Bubble Version)
capacity 450ml
Color White 
Size 7*10.7*20cm
Material ABS
Weight 380g
Use Environment Indoor and outdoor(IPX4 waterproof)


Name Air Purifier (with Air Filter Life Display)
Model  Son-S
Net Weight 2.3KG
Input AC220-240V,50/60Hz
Coverage area 15-20㎡


Name Intelligent Induction UV Alcohol Sterilize Sprayer
Product material ABS + acrylic
Conversion Efficiency Over 90%
Product Features

 Ultrasonic alcohol spray

The amount of fog 40-60 ml / h
Battery 2000 Mah
Product Specifications 96X56X107mm
Decibels Less than 35dB


Name Intelligent Sterilization Lamp
Size 120*120*250mm
Color White
Power 20W
Material ABS cover;quartz tube
Sterilization Area 30 sq.m.
Input 110V 60Hz/ 220V 50Hz
Weight 400g
Spectral Wavelength 253.7nm



Major upgrade of anti epidemic products! The new intelligent epidemic prevention suit can help you resist the virus and keep healthy.
Intelligent soap dispenser: only gently extruding foam, rubbing hands together, rinse clean, it can effectively remove residual bacteria on hand. So that you don't worry about bacteria staying in your hands after going to the toilet.
Air purifier: inhale the indoor unclean air into the machine, effectively filter the dust, PM2.5 and other harmful substances in the air through the filter screen, get fresh and clean air and release it.
★Sterilize sprayer: turn on the switch and put your hand on the top of the spray outlet. You can feel the cool alcohol spray in your palm and clean your hands simply and directly.
★Sterilization lamp; Placed in a corner of the room, the release of ultraviolet light effectively eliminate bacteria



About the product:

1.Product pictures: The product pictures are all taken in kind. Due to the small color difference between the light and display and the real thing, it is not a quality problem.

2. Product size: The product parameters are all manually measured. Due to different measurement tools, processing techniques, and product batches, there will be a small range of errors. This is for reference only, and the actual product shall prevail.

About inspection:

1.When receiving the goods, you must open the box and inspect the goods. If you find any damage, please take a photo immediately and not sign for it temporarily. If you find that the accessories are missing, please indicate the missing accessories name on the express bill and contact online customer service in time.

2.Once the receipt is signed, the goods are deemed to be in good condition. If you do not open the box for inspection, all losses shall be borne by yourself.


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