HOMEHI is a one-stop home configuration platform, which is committed to providing one-stop home configuration solutions for buyers all over the world.

HOMEHI is a creative home brand for global individual buyers. It is committed to providing users with a variety of creative and practical furniture, including beds, sofas, chairs, tables, wardrobe and so on. Now, on our independent website, a number of creative furniture are well displayed in front of customers all over the world. The foldable beds, changeable shelves and simple tables and chairs in northern Europe attract countless young people who love creative furniture.

One-stop upgrade decoration and furniture

World’s leading completely supply chain One-stop matching whole room furniture


One-stop procurement and after-sale service

Covers 10 countries Simple to finish purchase and after-sale service



On the website, More than 300 high-quality SKUs can be selected by customer with any of commands and good deals.



Adhere to the use of environmentally friendly materials to make furniture

HOMEHI FURNITURE is committed to improving standards for furniture quality and sustainability.We provide durable and ethical furniture made of environmentally friendly materials and practices. Every decision we make puts future generations and our beautiful planet first. We are all keen to enjoy the world around us, and we are committed to protecting this amusement park that brings us so much joy.


We attach great importance to customers' experience of using  series products. HOMEHI provides fast distribution and reduces your purchase cost and time. We are constantly optimizing the supply chain to make your goods arrive safely as soon as possible. We also have local professional installation teams in the Philippines and Thailand. If necessary, or if you have any questions, you can contact us in time at homehi_service@homebtb.com